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NOTE -  The SBMonitor is now deprecated, deferring it's functionality to the SBGui in Monitor Mode.  Will have documentation for this soon.



The SmartBody Monitor (SBMonitor) can connect to any actively running SmartBody process in order to easily interact with and debug it.


Connecting to SmartBody

  1. Go to File -> Open (or hit Ctrl + C)
  2. Wait 2 seconds for the dialog to appear
  3. Select the desired SmartBody process to connect to and click the "Connect" button

Resource Viewer

Used for viewing all the resources that SmartBody is currently loaded, including .sk's, skm's, characters, services, events, face definitions, sequence and python files, paths, etc.

Data Viewer

Using a line graph to track channel values of a specific character's skeleton over time

Command Window

Facilitates the issuing of python, sequence, and VHMsg commands to SmartBody

Python Command format

<return value type> <python command>
int scene.getNumCharacters()
Possible return types: int, float, bool, string, int-array, float-array, string-array

Face Viewer

Allows the viewing and real-time manipulation of all AU's and visemes that are loaded for the selected character.

Utils Tab

Provides an easy to use interface for commonly used SmartBody functionality such as playing animations, setting postures, sending bml, gazing at targets, and text to speech commands.

BML Creator

Easily allows the creation of simple to complex BML commands through GUI buttons and sliders.


Creating a Dialog

  1. Run
  2. Create a new dialog and save it in SmartBody/sbm-debugger/gui/designer
  3. Open sbm-debugger\gui\SbmDebuggerGui.sln. Create a new class that publicly derives from QDialog and have the header include "ui_YourDialogName.h". If you compile, you will have compiler errors
  4. Open a command prompt to SmartBody/sbm-debugger/gui
  5. Enter the following commands**
    1. qmake -project
    2. qmake
    3. nmake
  6. Edit SmartBody/sbm-debugger/gui/moc.bat by adding the following line
    1. %MOC% YourClassNameThatYouJustCreated.h -o moc_YourDialogName.cpp
  7. Run SmartBody/sbm-debugger/gui/moc.bat
  8. Copy moc_YourDialogName.cpp from the Debug folder into SmartBody/sbm-debugger/gui
  9. Add moc_YourDialogName.cpp and ui_YourDialogName.cpp to the vcproj under the Generated folder

**You need to set the following environment variable for this to work

For using visual studios 2008

  • QMAKESPEC            win32-msvc2008

For 2010

  • QMAKESPEC            win32-msvc2010

Message API


  • sbmdebugger


  • sbmdebugger

Known Issues




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