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  • ssi_vhmsger (\core\multisense\ssi_vhmsger\)
    This is the core application that uses MultiSense and it only works if there is a webcam installed on the system. This application integrates many different MultiSense components like vision, audio and analysis into a single application that outputs PML.
  • PerceptionTest (\core\multisense\PerceptionApplication)
    This application is a middle-man between the ssi_vhmsger and any other application which plans to use the PML for specific capabilities. For example, in the Toolkit, this application takes the PML as input (via the vrPerception message) and outputs messages to Smartbody to mimic the head orientation of the detected user.


MultiSense currently supports multiple modules, including a vision module (for tracking face features like smile, gaze, attention, activity, etc) and a speech recognition module. To use MultiSense, run the MultiSense application. It will broadcast vrPerception messages (based on PML) generated by each module, which can be received by any other module or external component.


Please contact either Unknown User (suri) or Unknown User (stratou) if you have any issues in running the application.


Please contact Unknown User (suri) or Unknown User (stratou) for information regarding source and installing Multisense.

Message API




  • The MultiSense Application currently does not listen to the vrKillComponent message. The application must be manually closed; attempts to kill it from the Launcher will cause it to highlight yellow and not close.
  • If the application does not appear to start up, make sure your camera is working properly. Also, if there is camera.option file present at the location "\bin\multisense\ssi_vhmsger\bin", delete it and try to run the application again. If there is a problem with running MultiSense, please contact us at
  • If a big red X appears on the screen after Gavam is enable, it means that Gavam is not able to detect the face properly. The application needs to be restarted; currently, there is no other way to reset. The CLM tracker can be restarted, though, by right clicking the output window.


See the Main FAQ for frequently asked questions regarding the installer. Please use the Google Groups emailing list for unlisted questions.