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  • Run it from the Launcher (go to the 'Perception Components' tab)
  • Navigate to \bin\multisense\PerceptionTest\ and run "PerceptionTest.exe".

Please contact either Unknown User (suri) or Unknown User (stratou) if you have any issues in running the application.

Message API


  • vrComponent



  • vrPerception
  • vrPerceptionProtocol
  • vrAllCall
  • vrKillComponent (does not react to it yet)

Known Issues

  • The MultiSense Application currently does not listen to the vrKillComponent message. The application must be manually closed; attempts to kill it from the Launcher will cause it to highlight yellow and not close.
  • If the application does not appear to start up, make sure your camera is working properly. Also, if there is camera.option file present at the location "\bin\multisense\ssi_vhmsger\bin", delete it and try to run the application again. If there is a problem with running MultiSense, please contact us at
  • If a big red X appears on the screen after Gavam GAVAM is enable, it means that Gavam GAVAM is not able to detect the face properly. The application needs to be restarted; currently, there is no other way to reset. The CLM tracker can be restarted, though, by right clicking the output window.