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Documentation Overview

Please go to the Download Downloads, Support & SupportContact page for instructions on how to obtain the toolkit. This page will also give you further guidance on how to install and run the provided scenario.


  • Architecture - Gives an overview of the toolkit architecture, based on the ICT Virtual Human Architecture. 
  • Components - Lists all modules, tools and libraries that make up the toolkit and links to available documentation and third party enhancements. 
  • Tutorials - Lists all available tutorials, including how to run the provided examples and how to create your own virtual human.
  • Projects - An overview of some projects that use technology included in the toolkit, see also below.
  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about the toolkit in general and all of its components in detail. Also contains a glossary for often used terms and acronyms.
  • Download Downloads, Support & SupportContact - An overview of available support. 
  • Papers - List of links to related sites.